NetherRealm Studios Animation Reel for Injustice2 available May 16th!

Cinemator Animator for NetherRealm Studios on Injustice 2

I had the pleasure of working on Injustice 2's story mode from its beginning phase in early motion capture to its end as an animator. I meticulously reviewed each rendered cinematic, looking for animation issues that needed to be addressed. This included polishing character body animation to avoid clipping and animating missing props. In some instances, I needed to extend character motions using rough motion data after adjusting shot timing. In Damian Wayne's prison breakout, I animated both characters, from a rough layout (set up by FrameMachine) of cleaned motion capture data, and all props in the scene, including the broken ceiling and duffle bag. Once the body motion review was completed, I moved on to working with the engine physics to animate cloth and hair. Some required hand-key posing in addition to physics, such as Supergirl versus Firestorm and Supergirl and Superman's entrance.

All property belongs to NetherRealm Studios and WB Games

NetherRealm Studios Animation Reel forMKX, MKX mobile, Injustice mobile

Here is work from NR.  I fine-tuned and edited the motion capture data for Predator's taunt on Mortal Kombat X (MKX)   Focusing on mobile, I did cloth animation for MKX and Injustice.